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We Bring Aerial Data Processing Down to Earth for Surveyors

You fly, we process and deliver

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We have an optimized processing pipeline tailored for your survey data.

Our pipeline has the optimum balance of automated computer processing and human input in our photogrammetry processing pipeline. Our technicians utilize enterprise and niche software for automating certain parts of the project and confidently manually extracting information on the other parts of the project.

What we offer

If you have your own drone and are willing and able to pilot it, all you need to do is send us the resulting data from your survey. We do all the data processing legwork — leveraging our industry-leading software and workflows — to deliver the easily usable information you need.

How it works

To make your digital photogrammetry (the process of deriving measurements from the photos your drone collects) as effective as possible, you set ground control points throughout your project. These provide a framework over which your drone-collected data can lay. 

With your ground control points in place, you (or one of our pilots) survey your project. Every centimeter you fly collects a data point. This means you get a wealth of information, but it doesn’t mean that information is immediately usable. That’s where Terrial comes in. 

Our team gathers your information from you — we learn about your processes, collect your ground control point data, and have you upload your drone data to us — then we do the rest. We deliver your post-processed results, easy-to-understand and ready-for-use. You get highly accurate survey results without any of the headache of processing your drone-gathered data yourself. 

Benefits of our drone data processing for surveyors

Certainly, you can process your drone data in-house. But choosing to let our team handle it for you gives you a few tangible benefits, including:


À la carte options:
drone leasing and piloting

When you choose Terrial, you get to pick from our menu. Our primary focus is processing your drone data. But if you need it, you can select the services that best suit your unique needs without any extras you don’t require. We offer:

Work Samples

We have the expertise necessary to accurately process your data and deliver it the way you need, check out our previous work. 

Topographic Survey
Moss Landing, California
Elkhorn Slough
Moss Landing, California

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